Non-rated Architectural Pressed Metal Door Frames Masonry Application

Non-rated Metal Door Frames Application for Masonry/Concrete Walls

Profiles and Applications

Architectural non-rated metal door frames can be designed and manufactured to suit various masonry wall systems, Airated concrete or Tilt/Pre fabricated Walls.

The following architectural profiles are available for non-rated metal door frames:

Non-rated Architectural Profiles

  • Double Rebate
    Double Rebate
  • double rebate double return
    Double Rebate Double Return
  • double rebate partition
    Double Rebate Partition
  • Double Rebate New Generation
    Double Rebate New Generation
  •  Single Rebate
    Single Rebate
  • Single Rebate Double Return
    Single Rebate Double Return
  • Sliding
  • Sliding double return
    Sliding Double Return

Special Reveal Sizes

The architectural reveal sizes available are as follows:

Height: up to 3000 mm
Width: up to 3000 mm

Special sizes can be manufactured that exceed these sizes if required.