Standard Metal Door Frames Specifications


All our pressed metal door frames are manufactured from 1.1mm BMT and 1.4mm BMT zincanneal and in accordance with the best principles of sheetmetal work, resulting in a clean material finish ready to accept any applied paint.

Knockdown and Assembled Door Frames

These door frames are supplied complete with:

  • One pair of 100 x 75mm zinc plated butt hinges welded into position
  • Stainless standard striker positioned 1032/1042mm from bottom of door frame
  • One pair of rubber buffers fitted to the lock stile
  • Removable spreader bars.
  • One slotted ramset plate to each stile
  • Ten galvanised wire ties
  • Single door frames are supplied with 1 Head, 1 Lock stile and 1 Hinge stile
  • Double door frames are supplied with 1 Head and 2 Hinge stiles
  • Knockdown door frames are supplied unassembled and with tack-welded corners when supplied as factory assembled door frames

Available Extras

  • Additional hinges
  • Preparation for special lock strikers
  • Reinforcing for surface mounted closers or preparation for concealed closers
  • Preparation for screw fixed hinges
  • Tube fixing for bolting of frames to existing walls
  • Stud clips for use in drywall applications

NOTE: Any door frame having a solid core door fitted should be reinforced with a third hinge provided

  • Metal door frame handling masonry
  • Double rebate door frame for masonry