Architectural Steel Door Frames Maintenance


This document is intended to give general advise on maintenance of steel door frames.

In general, it should be noted that the type of maintenance of steel door frames is dependant upon the use and location within a building.

Correct maintenance of steel door frames is necessary to obtain the maximum service life and functionality.

In applications where the steel door frame is part of a fire rated doorset, smoke doorset or both, proper maintenance is important due to Human life safety.

Therefore maintenance of steel door frames that are associated with human life safety is crucial to ensure the proper functionality in an emergency.


Steel door frames inspection is dependant upon the application within a building. A maintenance program should be established by the personnel responsible for building maintenance.

This could be a building owner, maintenance department and insurance company or regulatory authority.

Since steel door frames are located in different areas of a building, traffic flow may differ and this would influence the frequency of periodic inspections.

Hinge preparation/Hinges

Backing plate preparation – Ensure that hinges screwed to the backing plate are not loose.

Hinges – In circumstances where the hinges are welded to the steel door frame, please check for loose attaching screws, pin wear or other notable defects.

Striker Plates

The striker plate should be firmly attached to the frame. For single doors this is firmly attached to the striker stile and for double doors this will be found in the head of the frame where applicable. Check for loose screws and other notable defects.

Special hardware

If any special hardware is installed, please check for loose screws, and defects of the preparation of the special lock, hinge or pivot.

Steel Door frame finish

A visual inspection of the steel door frame finish should be conducted in accordance to the maintenance plan.

Defects that are found on the surface of the steel door frame should be repaired and repainted. During this process care should be taken to give adequate protection to the surface of the steel door frame to prevent the steel door frame from corrosion and decreasing its service life.

Fire rated steel door frames

Steel door frames that are part of a fire rated door set should be inspected with Compliance with AS1905.1 – 2005 Fire Rated Doorsets.

Please refer to this standard for inspection guidelines.