Architectural Pressed Metal Door Frames Specifications


Pro Industries architectural pressed metal door frames may be manufactured in gauges ranging from 1.1 mm to 3 mm thickness and in accordance with the best principles of sheet metal work. Architectural frames can be manufactured in Zincanneal and galvanised for residential or commercial purposes resulting in a clean finish ready to accept any applied paint.

In cases where a more corrosion resistant material for hygienic purposes such as hospital or restaurants, different grades of stainless steel may be used.


Manufacturing tolerances for Pressed Metal Door frames
Throat size +- 2 mm
Architrave & rebate +- 0.5 mm

Architectural profiles and combinations

Pressed metal door frames of special section or to suit specific applications such as transom or mullion construction are fabricated from flat sheets to customer requirement. They are pressed to architect detail and prepared with nominated hardware preparation. All pressed metal door frames are of lug and slot connection.

pressed metal door frames specifications